SAT Prep!


Stephanie Rudd, Contributor

Its that time of year again, the smell of SAT prep is in the air! The junior class started SAT prep at the beginning of this week in preparation for the test on April 13. For everyone in the junior class it seems to be a different experience.

I asked Michlynn Churchwell to answer a few questions about this week and upcoming SAT test. She thinks that the SAT Prep is somewhat hard, especially the math portion of the SAT test. When I asked how she feels about the upcoming SAT tests and on a scale of 1-10 how hard they will be, she said, “I think they will be a little difficult, probably a 6 out of 10.”

Thankfully the practice this week helps the Juniors get some studying and some preparation for the real thing in. Michlynn knew that she knew most of the questions on the pre-test but there were a few that had her confused. She said that the hardest part of the test is probably, “trying to retain all the information from the pre-tests, and then you have to remember all of that for the test.̈

Juniors will be continuing to participate in prep session every other day until the test.  Most will also take a full-length practice test on April 7 since studies have shown that students’ test scores improve each time they take the test.

Overall I believe in all the juniors — you all got this! Good luck juniors!