No More Blankets at School!


Shyan Dunlap

The temperature in Mr. Ochs’ classroom last hour on Tuesday.

Shyan Dunlap, author

For the past few weeks, we have all been bundled up and yet still freezing due to the boiler work going on. Well, now we are all sweating! We are not be sweating because the temperatures have risen but rather because our boiler is fixed and the classrooms are HOT! Being able to wear our beanies and pajamas to school was a nice treat and helped us stay warm, but we will not be bringing our winter coats into class anymore. While for a little slice of time we did see students bundled up in blankets and curled up in front of the hallway heaters, there is no longer a need for that.

Now that the boiler is fixed, instead of freezing, we are all sweating. Most teachers are keeping their windows open due to it being so hot. If you have Mr. Ochs for any classes, you really know what I mean. Since his heater won’t turn off, Mr. Ochs’s room is resting at a nice 85 degrees. The temperatures will continue to drop outside, so hopefully, we will find a happy medium and not be freezing or sweating in class.