Eastern Illinois University


Kelsey Lanham, Contributor

Name of College: Eastern Illinois University

Location: Charleston Illinois

Price per semester: In state or border state $21,303.48 non border state $23,523.48

# of undergraduate students: There are 7,415 undergraduate students

Average ACT/SAT Score: A minimum 26 ACT composite or SAT equivalent of 1240

Junior College or University: University

Setting (rural or urban): Rural

% who apply and get in: 50.2%

Mascot: Billy the Panther

Description of campus life: the campus at EIU is on 320 acres and some of the buildings are closer together than others. The shape of the fine arts building is unique and the architect that they had build it was unknown before he built that but after that he was so well known that they could not afford for him to build other buildings.  

Quote from student who visited:  (What did you like? What didn’t you like?  How interested are you, now that you’ve visited the campus?)

“During my visit at EIU I found that everyone cares about everyone and knew everyone. I was surprised because President Glassman knows his students by name. I would not have expected that from the president at a university.”