Olney Central College: Radiology Program

Olney Central College: Radiology Program

Allison Dunlap, Editor

Name of college: Olney Central College: radiology program

Location: Olney, Illinois

Price per semester: $2,607

# of students: around 500

Average sat/act score: 2.50

Junior college of university: junior college

Setting (rural or urban): rural

% of who apply and get in: 95%

Mascot: knights

Description of campus life: the campus is very small and is pretty easy to navigate.

Quote from student who visited:  (What did you like? What didn’t you like?  How interested are you, now that you’ve visited the campus?): I liked how small the campus was and how easy everything is to find. The people are really nice and helpful. I am interested in the program but not sure if this is exactly what I want to do.