Kaden McCormack, Illinois State Scholar and Proud Pioneer


Lauren Duffield, Editor

A pioneer of ours, and a state scholar.

Kaden McCormack partly became a state scholar by signing up for more advanced classes, he took chemistry as a freshman, he also has attended college calculus as a senior, he wanted to attend advanced classes to ensure that his GPA will be high. He was chosen for his high academics.

Kaden achieved above and beyond on his SAT with 1180 all together on the reading and writing he scored 590.  He states “It’s very rewarding, I worked very hard, and it seems to have paid off. I’m very thankful for being able to be a state scholar.”

His parents especially his mom, have inspired him to do good. His mom pushes him to do his best, and he always strives to do his best to make his parents proud. His inspiration to do his best is his drive and motivation, his mom being there for him, and pushing him to do his best. Kaden was recognized at the OPH boys’ basketball game on Tuesday, January 24th. He was recognized alongside other Illinois State Scholars from Oblong and Hutsonville.

His future plans are to go into engineering. After getting his degree, Kaden wants to become a mechanical engineer, and eventually wants to go into a bio-diesel field. Kaden McCormack is an inspiring character among the halls of Palestine High school, Congratulations Kaden!