SAT Practice

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Lauren Duffield, Editor

SAT practice will be coming up soon February 6th through Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through 8 to the afternoon. Students will be in groups and they’ll be rotating with Math, English, and Science. Students will get extra time to study and any other accommodations for the SAT.  Good luck to all of our pioneers and teachers! Make sure to study and prep yourselves for the SAT.

SAT has changed since COVID-19 some colleges are no longer requiring SAT or ACT scores since the pandemic, because of stay at home orders students were not able to participate in testing, making a huge set back for students and teachers. As a result of this SAT and ACT were dropped from most colleges, 80% of colleges have dropped SAT and ACT. Make sure to look if you apply for any colleges to see if it’s required. It’s still a good thing to be prepared and take it anyway just in case the college that you have your eyes on requires it, so do your best and be awesome on your SATs and ACTs!