University of Southern Indiana


Macy Biggs , contributor

Name of College: University of Southern Indiana

Location: Evansville, Indiana

Price per semester: $10,002.50 In-State/$15,330.50 Out-of-State (both living on campus)

# of undergraduate students: 7,706

Average ACT/SAT Score: 1080 SAT, 3.27 GPA, 22 ACT

Junior College or University: University

Setting (rural or urban): Urban

% who apply and get in: 91.9%

Mascot: Screaming Eagles, Archibald Eagle (Archie)

Description of campus life: The University of Southern Indiana has many things to do because of its proximity to downtown hot spots of Evansville.  The campus life also provides many opportunities to meet new people and have fun while doing so. USI also has many coffee shops and cafes throughout its campus.

Quote from student who visited:  “I think that USI is a great school, and has a lot to offer, especially concerning a medical major.  I also like the rec center on campus that provided courts and a gym. I did not like the fact that only freshmen live in the dorms, and older students have to live in USI’s apartments or other apartments. “