University of Southern Indiana

University of Southern Indiana

Grace Correll, Editor

Name of College: University of Southern Indiana (USI)

Location: Evansville, Illinois

Price per semester: Out of State- $15,500 In State- $8,750

# of undergraduate students: 11,000 students

Average ACT/SAT Score: 900

Junior College or University: University

Setting (rural or urban): Rural

% who apply and get in: 69.3% get accepted

Mascot: Screaming Eagle

Description of campus life: They have beautiful buildings, including one with amazing glass. This campus offers awesome food choices including: Chick-fil-A, Steak N’ Shake, a sub shop, salad bars, and many other places. This campus offers many coffee shops, including Starbucks, which happens to be a favorite of many students there. The good thing about this campus is that it feels cozy and it is not tremendously big and crowded, all of the people seem very nice and always give you a smile or a wave when you walk by them. This campus offers many ways to stay fit, while eating all the amazing food they offer. They have a huge rock climbing wall, an indoor track, three huge basketball courts, sand volleyball, and a huge fitness center to workout in.

Quote from student who visited: “USI was a beautiful campus, and I cannot wait to attend this university in less than a year! I would highly recommend this school to anyone!”