Indiana State University


Macy Biggs , contributor

Name of College: Indiana State University

Location: Terre Haute, Indiana

Price per semester: $4,445 In-State/$5,690 Out-of-State

# of undergraduate students: 11,591

Average ACT/SAT Score: 990 SAT, 3.07 GPA, 19 ACT

Junior College or University: University

Setting (rural or urban): Urban

% who apply and get in: 86%

Mascot: Sycamore Sam, Sycamores

Description of campus life: Although it is a medium-sized campus, Indiana State offers 250 clubs and organizations to get students involved in campus life.  The campus is fairly small, and the farthest walk from a residence hall to a class is around ten minutes. Terre Haute also offers many fun things to do downtown.

Quote from student who visited:  “I liked the fact that class sizes stayed under 100! I also liked that the residence halls group people who have the same major or academic section.  I did not like how congested the dining hall was, and it was difficult to find parking. I am fairly interested in ISU’s PA program!”