Shrine Game 2018: Taking Back the Trophy

Ashtin Guyer, Editor

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Friday night at LTC the Tigers took back their Shrine trophy in a close game against Oblong. This intense game was one you did not want to miss. As you were sitting in the gymnasium, you could feel the tension between the two teams, who earlier this year played football together. You could still see this friendship between the boys on the court, but this was still their sport, and both teams had one thing in mind, and that was the Shrine trophy. Coming out onto the court that night, the Tigers came out with confidence, hoping to overcome the Panthers when the fourth quarter bell went off. Leaving the court at halftime with the Panthers in the lead, the Tigers went to the locker room to meet with coach. After coming back out to start the third quarter, they did nothing short of amazing. They came back out hot. There was no stopping them now. The Tigers were determined to show the Panthers who was boss and claim their trophy back. As the final quarter approached, the fans got louder and the boys played harder than ever. They came into the fourth quarter playing to their full potential, and at that buzzer, the Tigers and their fans stood up cheering. They had won the Shrine Game for the second year in a row with a score of 57-43. They needed this, as it has been a few games since they had come out on top. After many hugs and high fives, the team posed for a picture that will remind them of what a great night of basketball they played! Congratulations Tigers!