10,000 Saved!



action shot of Gracey hitting 10,000

Alysa Kennedy, Editor

Here at Palestine High School we like to celebrate the milestones, big or small. Over the past few weeks there has been a race at PHS to see who would be the one to save the 10,000th water bottle on the main floor. It was a close race between seniors, Gracey Miller and Shara Coffman. Shara was just shy of hitting that mark, and Gracey had the honor of hitting 10,000 yesterday morning. Congratulations Gracey!

Mr. Will shared that PHS was able to purchase these water bottle fillers with a grant back in 2019. He goes on to say “We try to be proactive as a school and as a district. One way to promote that is to reuse water bottles.” He explains that it not only saves the students money, but also makes an impact on our community and world. 

At the highschool, we have now saved a total of 25,959 bottles between all of the water bottle fillers. This may not seem like much, but our staff and students at PHS realize the impact we are making. We are proud of what we are doing here!