New XFL league

Levi Beard

Most people have watched at least one football game in their lives whether it be jr pro, high school, college, or professional.  The most watched and televised football group is the NFL with several games a week. One of the biggest aired sporting events on television is the Super Bowl.  Now, there’s another group to watch

There was an XFL league before, back in 2001, which only played for one season, but just this past week, they brought the league back. This league provides fewer rules from other professional sports, allowing the game to be more physical and if you like that then a lot more fun to watch. 

How do they get these players? And how much less do they get paid then the professional athletes?  The XFL picks up the undrafted players from the NFL or players who couldn’t make it in the NFL, giving them a chance to improve their game and make a return.  The average player in the XFL will make close to 55,000 dollars in a 10 game span compared to the NFL average player who makes 2.1 million a year, so do the math.

Overall the league has 8 teams across the country. The league has made a tremendous splash already compared to the league in 2001 bringing in more fans and viewers on television.