Freshman Introduction: Jaylee Hyre


Welcome back to Freshman Introduction, the sleep deprived 😴 word document where we learn about the bundle of joy that is the class of 2023. This weeks adjective to describe the person this is being written about, Jaylee Hyre!


Jaylee says she likes a lot of Disney movies. How could you pick just one though? There is literally hundreds of them and with Disney buying a different company everyday, they basically double their movie selection in minutes.


She was involved in OPH cheer 🏈. The football/cheer banquet was last night. Read about it on assuming that one of my fellow classmates wrote about it. They tend to act like turtles when it comes to these things. She also is going to be involved in softball 🥎 when the season starts. Good luck Jaylee!


Jaylee said her least favorite thing about high school is the homework. The same response that Parker gave Monday. Hmm 🤔 is this a coincidence or did I actually record Jaylees interview two months ago and I’m just now posting it? The world may never know.


Lastly, Jaylee does not have a favorite class or teacher, keeping the teacher vote at Updated teacher vote: Mr. Will-3📊Mrs Hyde-3📚 Mr. Smith- 3🧬 Mrs. L Adams- 1💃Mr. Blank- 1 🏀Mrs. Cohorst- 1👩‍🔬Mrs. Wartsbaugh- 1👩‍🎨