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Zoey Rinesmith

Chance Wilber, Editor

Zoey Rinesmith is a junior at Palestine High School. When she was young she was asked to do some family pictures that she didn’t realize would go on to spark her interest in photography. After taking these pictures for her family, she knew that she wanted to make this a hobby and get better at taking these types of pictures. Little did she know that this hobby would later on take her heart and make her want to turn this hobby into a profession that she would do for the rest of her life.

Zoey loves portrait style photography, and that is why she looks to mainly do wedding photos, senior photos, and baby photos. She said she has tried other types of photography, but portrait style photography has always been her favorite, and she hopes that portrait style photos will provide her main customers. Her dad used to be a wedding photographer, so that gives her a leg up in this business because if she has any questions on what she can do to improve her pictures, she can always go to her dad and ask questions. It is always good to have someone in your family who has experience in the field that you are going to because they will always be there to give you guidance and answer any questions that you may have.

LTC is the college Zoey plans on going to to get a degree in business. After LTC she is undecided on if she will go to a four year university or just get right into her business after receiving her associates in business. She has already taken some classes in photography and Photoshop, but being a junior in high school, she does not have the money yet for all the expensive software. After taking classes on Photoshop and making enough money for the software, she hopes to start editing her own photos.

Being only a junior in high school, Zoey is a very bright student who is very excited for the future ahead of her in her photography career. It will be exciting to follow her career through the years and watch her become a very successful and well-known photographer.