Drama Club Parking

Chance M Wilber, Editor

The Wine and Arts Festival was on October 1 and 2. Every year this festival brings a huge crowd which requires a lot of parking spaces.

Our high school parking lot can hold a lot of cars, so we open it up to the public to park in with a small fee of $3 that goes towards Drama Club. The whole day people are coming and going so there is a constant cash flow. We had four students take money the two days during the festival and those students were: Daylen Beckes, Chance Wilber, Michlynn Churchwell, and Jaylee Hyre. Over the two day period the Drama Club made $678!!

With the large amount of money that we made we will be able to buy new props, costumes, scripts, and Fox Theater tickets. Thank you for everyone who came out and supported the Drama Club and paid their $3 to park.