Senior Suggestions: Off-Campus Classes



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Chance M Wilber, Editor

When signing up for classes many students at the high school don’t look at what their future will look like if they sign up for certain classes. Electives are classes that are not required to graduate, but they are classes that will make your high school experience more enjoyable.

When you become a junior or senior in high school you are allowed to take dual-credit classes which allows you to go off campus to take classes that pertains to your future career. I have already completed 38 credit hours at LTC in a course of two years, and two years of college is only 48 credit hours. This means that you are almost graduating high school with a little less than two years of college class experience under your belt.

There are also classes such as Building Trades, Auto Mechanics, and Welding that are offered to students who are wanting to go into a trade industry or to just gain experience. These classes are mainly just hands on learning, but there is still a little bit of book work every once in a while that you have to do. Students who do not learn well in a class setting may do very well in these kind of electives because they are hands on and strictly pertain to your major.

There are also classes at the high school that are offered that aren’t required such as: Physics, Journalism, Current Events, 20th Century, and lots more. This classes may interest you but you didn’t know they existed because all you looked at was what was required and not what was offered. Taking some of these classes may also allow you to graduate early when you are a senior which is definitely something to think about.