Top 5 Easter Activities/Traditions

Top 5 Easter Activities/Traditions

Palestine Easter Egg Hunt.
Easter Egg Hunts

Easter is approaching and you maybe be looking for activities to do, or take a younger one too. Easter egg hunts can be fun for all ages.

Easter weekend is the best time for Easter egg hunts, but Palestine actually had one Saturday, March 23rd at the Leaverton Park.

If you missed this one, there are more to come! The Robinson Easter Egg Hunt is going to be this Saturday, March 30th at 11am at Washington Park. You can even come for free hot dogs and drinks.

Flat Rock is having one on March 30th, at 11am. Ages walking-10 years old.

Outer West Market Church of Christ in Palestine is having one also on March 30th, at 10:30am.

There are age restrictions, but feel free to take a little one you know.

Palestine Easter Egg Hunt. (Jamie Tull)
Whipped Cream Dye Eggs
Easter Egg Dying

A lot of people love dying eggs to display for Easter. This is especially interesting for not only children, but older ones too.

You can dye eggs multiple ways, but you will always start by boiling your eggs.

You can dye them with shaving cream and food dye, let it soak and then rinse it off. You can use boiling water, vinegar, and food dye. You can also use whipped cream and food dye.

If you do this right, you can use these eggs to make deviled eggs. These are perfect for an impressive Easter dinner side!

Whipped Cream Dye Eggs (The Suburban Soapbox)
Egg Decorating with Markers and Stickers
Egg Decorating

Egg decorating is similar to dye, but different in ways. Egg decorating is actually drawing on the boiled egg. You can even use edible markers so you can still make deviled eggs afterwards.

You don’t have to use these for deviled eggs, just presenting them is pretty. It is a very simple and fun craft to do for any age.

Egg Decorating with Markers and Stickers (The Artful Parent)
Easter Morning Church
Easter Morning Church

We all wouldn’t know of Easter if it wasn’t for the resurrection of Jesus.

Attending church on Easter morning is a very sentimental event to partake in. It is also very important everyone knows why we celebrate Easter.

Churches spend the morning talking and reminiscing on what happened to Jesus on Easter. Children can also learn and do activities to help them learn about Easter Day.

Some churches have an Easter dinner for the people who come that morning. This is very nice, especially for the people who may not have an Easter dinner.

A lot of families attend church Easter morning, and I think this is something to add into your Easter morning!

One Hour Easter Dinner
Easter Dinner

A lot of families have an Easter dinner. This may be an Easter brunch, lunch, or dinner.

This is mainly a time for families to spend time together and cherish the day together. Some families get to see extended family on Easter also.

It is very common for families to meet after church and have a big brunch or lunch. I really enjoy seeing this and participating in this.

This is great day to celebrate family and Jesus!

One Hour Easter Dinner (Chelsea’s Messy Apron)
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