Are Shoulders the Real Problem?

Nathan White, Editor

Ah dress codes. The “main” distraction with high school classrooms, or so people think.

How often have you been in class and you just can’t focus because an inch of a girl’s shoulder is showing?  Probably not too many, unless you are kinda creepy.

How many times have you been in class and you just can’t focus because a young rowdy boy is having fun throwing things with his friends? Probably more than you can count on your hands, unless you have a high patience tolerance.

However, it’s often in the announcements or heard in a classroom that a girl was dress coded for her shoulders or her shorts. Nine times out of ten, I would not have even known that the girl was wearing anything like that, and I think others would agree. Sure maybe sometimes shorts ARE too short, but why are shoulders a problem?

Personally, I think the time has come that we finally start treating everyone equally around here. If a girl is dress coded, she is told to not wear that clothing to school again, and she doesn’t. If a boy throws something across a classroom or shouts to his friends across the room he gets told to stop, but continues to do it every day after.

Maybe there should be zero-tolerance for disruption of the classroom instead of zero-tolerance for an item of clothing.