Friday Fun Day

Kids playing games


Kids playing games

Chance Wilber, Editor

This Friday, December 16th from 1:15-3:15 Palestine High School will be hosting games for the students who have their work done. Students who have missing work or failing grades will have to go to either Mr. Riley’s or Mrs. Hyde’s classroom and make up their work before they can attend the games. Friday is meant to be a fun day, and the events that will be going on are listed below:

Decorate Christmas ornaments////Smith

Christmas Trivia (set up like scholastic bowl)//////Cutright

Gingerbread house making (MAYBE)/////////Inboden

Half-court knockout///////Gym


Ping pong//////Stage

Movie + popcorn///////Library

Games (Uno, Jenga, Twister,Coloring)///////Cafeteria

Nintendo switch – Mario Kart///////Teacher’s Lounge

Snacks and Drinks///////Cafeteria

We hope everyone can get their work done so they can attend! You have two days to make up work!!