Young Woman Lead Conference


Gavin Postlewaite

On Tuesday, all sophomore and junior girls from Crawford County went to LTC to attend a young woman lead conference. The keynote presenter was Julie Carrier. She is a bestselling author, coach, speaker, and trusted authority on leadership development and confidence for women. The emcee, or ceremony director, was Patrece Dayton, who is currently an anchor/reporter/producer for news companies like WTHI. She also has been involved in many volunteer organizations. I asked a few girls who went about the experience. They said it taught girls how to be confident in everyday life. The speaker, Julie, said the ABCs of life stand for always be confident. She also talked about self-love and knowing your worth, because everyone is priceless. Another topic of discussion was to not hate yourself for things that have happened in the past, move on from them.

If anyone had any questions, Julie said she is always available to help anyone in need.