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Bachelor: The Finale


The Finale of the Bachelor was probably the most emotional episode of this season, as the season came to an end everyone had come to love Daisy and Kelsey both. They are both amazing girls that sadly will not be getting the same ending.

This episode consisted of both girls meeting Joey’s family, which went well for both of them. Yet as time went on to their dates, Daisy had this uneasy feeling that she couldn’t shake. She just seemed so emotional the entire episode, and she knew deep down what she needed to do. The day of the rose ceremony Daisy showed up at Kelsey’s hotel room and decided to talk to her. This led to Daisy getting the information she needed from Kelsey in order to make her decision. Kelsey stated that meeting Joey’s family went great and that the date ended well, and she got that validation from him that she needed. As from watching the episode we all know that Daisy did not receive the validation that she needed. This led to what was to come next.

The drive to the ceremony led to complete shock when it showed Daisy and Kelsey sitting in the car together holding each other’s hands. This showed what women supporting women should look like. Daisy knew she was making the decision to go home because she knew that Kelsey was Joey’s pick. She handled this whole situation with class and walked away alone, going straight to Kelsey giving her a hug. She was able to leave Joey with her heart broken and still go to the girl he was getting engaged to and support her through it all. Daisy knew from the past episode that she wasn’t going to be chosen, and she still was able to go through this all and handle it extremely well.

Joey is known as being one of the best bachelors in bachelor nation, and he has shown it. He makes sure he cares about sending a girl home and he doesn’t handle it like he doesn’t care. He genuinely seems like he cares. He was heartbroken that he had to leave Daisy with a broken heart, but at the end of the day he was happily engaged to Kelsey. On the episode they announce their future plans with each other, and they look extremely happy together. If you want to know more announcements, you’re going to have to make your way to Hulu and watch the episode. 😉

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Aubree Ramsey
Hi my name is Aubree Ramsey, I am 17 years old and a Senior in High School. I am in Drama Club, Pay it Forward, History Club, and National Honors Society.

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