Slang Terms 2024

Slang Terms 2024

Makenzie McDaniel stated teenagers nowadays like to use the term “rizz” whenever they flirt with a girl. It’s a sense that a guy has the ability to attract a romantic partner.

We asked Kailyn what her favorite slang is, and she went on to say it was “bussin”. She said that it’s a term that is used whenever something is really good, food wise.

Next Carson Musgrave stated that his word is “homie,” which is a slang term for your best friend. Carson went on to say “This is Devin, he is my homie.”

Gracie Alumbaugh says that her favorite slang term is “Slayy.” Gracie also said that she uses this in any minor inconvenience or when she’s happy about something.

Emily Rachoy’s favorite slang term is “bruh.” Emily uses “bruh” in about every type of way you could think about. Whether she’s happy, sad, or mad, she always reverts back to the word “bruh.”

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