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Ready for Rolland N. Dough in Mistletoe?

A Western AND A Christmas Play? Wow!
Alix Bennett
Ahlya Abel and Zoey Rinesmith practice lines for the upcoming Christmas play, “Rolland N. Dough in Mistletoe”

On December 11th at both the Palestine High School and Palestine Grade School, the Drama Club will be performing Rolland N. Dough in Mistletoe, a short play that combines comedy, Western themes, and the Spirit of Christmas.

It will be starring seven actors; Devin Lawyer plays Rolland N. Dough, Zoey Rinesmith plays Sheriff Evergreen,, Addi McNair plays Sandy Claws, Ahlya Abel plays Holly Berry, Autumn Taylor plays Carol Hall, Jacob Christine plays Mayor Hall, and Chris Dunlap plays Randolph the Bow-Legged Cowboy.

Three days later, the crew will hit the road, performing at Ridgeview, Timber Creek, and Brookstone, to which past residents are looking forward to.

Set in the early 1900s, our clumsy hero, Randolph the Bow-Legged Cowboy, faces off against the titular villain Rolland N. Dough, the most wicked, the most dastardly, the most evil, the most despicable villain of all time, and his flirtatious sidekick Sandy Claws who isn’t the brightest bulb on the christmas tree, saving the town of mistletoe, the businessman Mayor Hall and his wife Carol Hall, our overly lawful Sheriff Evergreen, and the lovely Holly Berry, our holly jolly heroine who isn’t so jolly.

Throughout the play, Christmas carols will be sung and jokes will be made. I have read the script, and I personally find the story to be hilarious. I especially love our cranberries-for-brains secondary antagonist of Sandy Claws, but I love all of the characters. Just something about a sassy femme fatale in red to get me rooting for the villains I guess.

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Alix Bennett, Author
Hi! My name's Alix Bennett, and I like frogs (hence the frog hat🐸). I am currently a high school student here at Palestine High School as well as a dual credit student at LTC, and a summer volunteer at George Rogers Clark National Historic Park. I want to be an ecologist, as well as a writer and artist on the side. My favorite artist is Pidgin Dolls, and my favorite musicians are Penelope Scott, cavetown, and Skydxddy. I'm a Neopagan, which means my religion is based on natural cycles and the spirits thereof. My pronouns are She/Her. I'm a huge Pokemon and DnD fan, and I love learning about all kinds of things, such as frogs, insects, mushrooms, frogs, plants, geology, frogs, space, history, frogs, and other subjects. And also frogs. I like frogs. I want to be needlessly kind. If people can needlessly hate strangers, I can needlessly love strangers.

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