Do Teens still enjoy “Tping” or is the tradition gone?


Rider Lawhorn, Contributor

It’s that time of the year again when teenagers all over are “tping” people’s houses throughout the late hours of the night. There is no actual law against people who go out to “tp,” but you would be committing the crimes of vandalism and trespassing on people’s properties. “Tping” is most certainly still popular; I hear stories of people all the time going out and doing it. If someone were to do it to my house, then I wouldn’t be a little mad, but I would understand that it is a tradition that always goes on.

Senior Wesley Adams says, “I enjoy going out to tp, but Saran wrapping people’s cars is not cool and should stop.” Wrapping people’s cars, which isn’t cool, is a whole different topic.

In general, “tping” is something that should always stay around because it is a tradition that people enjoy doing, and it gives more spirit for the Halloween season!