Freshman Spotlight: Callum Roeder


Makinley Bonesteel

Class of 2025 freshman, Callum Roeder.

Makinley Bonesteel, Editor

Freshman year can be scary.  New changes, new building, new faces, and new teachers.  Your friends get split up in different classes and you might find yourself in classes with the scary seniors.  Not to mention all of the many stairs you’ll be climbing.  We’ve all been there.  Trust me when I say, it gets better.  I got the chance to ask Callum how his freshman year was going so far and this is what he said:

So far, Callum’s favorite things about high school are his friends and the fun events.  His least favorite thing is all of the homework.  I think we can all relate to that!  After asking Callum what his favorite class was, he responded with, “Probably bio and math.  Bio and science are my favorite subjects.  Math is fun but hard, and Mr. Logan is cool.”  His favorite teachers are Mrs. Inboden because, “She’s fun, nice, and makes sure everyone is okay” and Mr. Smith because, “He’s funny, fun to talk to, and such a nice guy.”  Outside of school, Callum likes to hang out with friends, play basketball, and ride his scooter.

My advice to Callum and all of the new freshman is to get involved, and enjoy it while you can.  It goes by so quick so make the best of it!

We’re all wishing Callum a great freshman year!