Club Spotlight: Pay It Forward


Jerika Coffman

Layni Branson, Editor

One of the most caring clubs at PHS is Pay It Forward. Pay It Forward is about giving back. In the past years, they have volunteered many times. This club has done canned food drives, stayed with the homeless and scavenger hunts. Jerika Coffman, a junior, is a member of Pay It Forward and she was interviewed for this article.

Jerika was asked what Pay It Forward was all about and she responded, “It is a club that is all about giving back.”

She has been a member of this club since her sophomore year. What Jerika loves most about this club is that “she helps people.”

Anything you do in Pay It Forward is to help people and she enjoys knowing that she is doing that.

When asked what their recent meeting was about, Jerika said “they talked about the many things they will be doing each month.”