New and Improved Gym Technology

Allison Dunlap, Editor

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The gym has had some pretty good looking updates happen over Christmas break. First, there have been new pads put at the end of each side to help make the room have some more school spirit.

Then, the stage, with its new curtain already in place, has been painted. Yes, it has been painted! The back bricks are now coated in black to really make the royal blue curtain pop.

There has also been a new sound system installed in the gym. The one that was in there before was outdated and needed to be replaced. The new one is high tech and can be controlled using wifi; once connected, a control board will come up on the screen of any device.

Drama Club will also have a new lighting system to use for their productions. They received the money from the Leo Herning Foundation grant that Ms. Waldrop applied for in September. Leo Herning’s son was the one who wrote the check for us to move on with the project. The light and sound system actually came together from this same grant. There was 10,000 dollars of new equipment bought with it and it was all put up over Christmas break. The lights can be LED and can display many different colors. “They literally do thousands of things,” says Ms. Waldrop. We eventually won’t have to have a DJ for dances anymore because of how nice this new system works. This year’s graduation will actually be the first graduation to benefit from the new sound system.

Although we still need about $6,000 dollars more to complete the “vision,” things are really looking good in our gym.