National Honor Society Inductees

National Honor Society Inductees

Zoey Rinesmith, Editor

The NHS program empowers and equips your students with the knowledge and skills to be transformative leaders in your school, community, and beyond. In addition, it provides a necessary bridge between students and school leaders—helping you to engage and hear what students think, feel, and need.

— National Honor Society Website

National Honor Society (NHS) membership has been a mark of true student achievement for over 100 years, but it goes far beyond a report card. By empowering and recognizing well-rounded students, NHS provides schools with a value-based framework to elevate a culture of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. NHS operates in all 50 states and other schools around the schools, engaging with over one million students.

Nine of those students new to NHS are in Palestine High School this year. On March 16, here at Palestine High School, the following students will be inducted into the National Honor Society: Alhya Abel, Cydney Pethel, Jack Hawkins, Zoey Beabout, Briley Beabout, Zoey Rinesmith, Charlie Burkett, Addison McNair, Kiara Fralicker, and Aubree Ramsey.