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Finals Week Stress!


We all dread finals week. It feels never-ending and we all just want it to be over! Over the years I have learned some tips and tricks to study for finals. Not only will this help for this dreadful week, but for any other ordinary test you have you will be prepared!

Make a game plan

if you plan out when and how you are going to study for each exam, you’ll better handle on how much work you’re facing. Take advantage of your calendar and any apps you have to manage your time and stay on top of things.

Start Early

Start studying for finals as soon as you get the study material. Figure out how much time to set aside each day for each subject. Always remember that your brain also needa a break; so take that into consideration!

Give yourself more time to study for your tougher classes 

If a certain class gave you trouble all semester, give more time to study that subject-even if it’s your last final. Look over all the material and do NOT be afraid to ask for help. By starting with the toughest stuff first you have more time to prepare and ask your instructor any question you may have.

Make sleep a priority

While it may be tempting to stay up all night and study the night before the exam do NOT try to do this. You are adding more stress onto yourself and you will not retain the information for very long by studying that way.

Take five

Take breaks to improve your concentration when you go back to studying

Get creative with study aids

Find the best ways to review and internalize what you predict will be on the final exam. Make flash cards to help you memorize dates and equations. Also coming up with unique ways to remember the information. Like making up silly little sayings or designate a word in the question and the answer that you can easily put together on the exam.

Fuel your brain and body

Eat healthy and drink plenty of water to keep your brain and body in tip top shape!

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Kiara Fralicker
Hi, My name is Kiara Fralicker, and I am a senior in high school.

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