Freshman Introduction: Abby Hyre


Dannika Fulling

Abby posing for her Freshman Intro photo

Dannika Fulling, Editor

Today’s second freshman introduction goes to Abby Hyre. Abby is Jaylee Hyre’s little sister, but there’s a lot to her besides just that! Abby is active in OPH cheer, Pal-Hut volleyball, Pal-Hut Softball, Drama Club, and Pay it Forward. Having the same chill attitude as Carson, Abby is looking forward to graduating. Her favorite Disney movie is Moana, and we’re looking forward to seeing “How Far She’ll Go” in life. Too soon for a pun? Well fine, stay “Where You Are,” because we’re not quite done yet. Abby’s biggest surprise about high school is that it’s not as bad as she was told it would be. It was great talking to Abby, and also telling some horrible jokes.