Freshmen Introductions – Brody Beabout

Dannika Fulling, Editor

After a couple years of a break, freshman introductions are back! It’s a great way to get to know the new faces in our hallways, and to gauge how they’re feeling about the school year so far. The class is large enough that these will go into February, so let’s get it started with our first introduction. Today, we’ll be introducing Brody Beabout.

With a familiar last name, Brody is related to several PHS students. He is the younger brother of Zoey Beabout, and is the cousin of both Alivia Beabout and Alysa Kennedy. So while he’s new to the building, he’s not new to many of our students. Since the year has just started he hasn’t had the opportunity to join many clubs yet, but he says he does plan to do baseball. After asking him what he’s most looking forward to in high school, in true underclassman fashion, Brody is excited to get his driver’s license. Getting used to the high school is a big adjustment for the freshmen, for Brody the biggest surprise so far has been the amount of free time he has to work on schoolwork. School can be so serious so to make things lighter, what is Brody’s favorite Disney movie? He says it would have to be “Cool Runnings” because of how funny it is.

While these freshmen get used to the new experience of high school, it’s important to help them out and be kind along the way. We look forward to getting to know them more and more, and help them have the best four years of high school. See you next week with the next introduction!