Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Movie Review


Evan Robert Easton, Contributor

Last night I got to watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and as the name suggests, this movie is absolute madness in a very fun and interesting way. Watching Doctor Strange and Benedict Wong travel through many realities and alternate universes battling and defending themselves from unique entities along the way was awesome. Along with all this there is a very encompassing story giving background on the villain while also showing what led them down their dark path.

The movie also introduces a new and possibly powerful character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, America Chavez. She is the Scarlet Witches’ main target because she is capable of opening portals into the multiverse. There is a hitch to Chavez’s powers though; she has no control over them.  Her powers are only in effect during times of distress or immediate danger, so Doctor Strange and Wong are tasked with protecting her from the Scarlet Witch.

Overall I thought the movie was amazing. The action was fast paced but never too quick, and the story was well thought out with good reasoning behind every character’s actions. It can get a little confusing with a bunch of multiverse travel but it is still a very linear story. It’s also one of the few movies where you feel sympathetic for the antagonist. With a run time of two hours, this movie is a great watch As this movie is PG-13, parental guidance is recommended.