What I’ve Learned in High School

Keisha Wiseman, Contributor

I have learned a lot in High School academically, socially, and emotionally. I have learned something about myself from all of these areas from my previous classes, and others that have surrounded me all throughout my experience in High School.

First, I did not care about my grades until I started my Junior and Senior year of High School. I used to think my grades were fine, then my junior and senior year I actually started studying more, doing extra credits in all of my classes, and even though I took a little bit longer to get things turned in, I still tried my best in all of my classes, and I am glad I did because now my grades are better than they use to be. 

Now, in my earlier years of high school like my freshman and sophomore years, I did not care about myself mentally or what was best for my mental health. At the end of my junior year of high school, I would work a lot then go home and do more homework, and survive off of coffee. Now, I am a senior and I have a schedule of how I like to do things and activities that works out best for my mental health. I have calmed down a lot and I am very proud that I will be finishing high school. I cannot wait to see what the future may hold for me. 

Finally, I have learned socially it is best to talk to a few people, but in high school I have lost some friends and gained some great friends that I consider family now. It was better for me to have a few friends more than a lot and I am grateful for the friends I have now. I never talked or hung out with some of the “friends” I had at the beginning of high school outside of school. I have nothing bad to say about any of those who claimed to be my friends, but I am glad I found my true friends along the way, people who

actually hangout and message me even if they are busy.