What Ive Learned In High School

Stephanie Rudd, Contributor

 My four years of high school have been filled with lots of memories from each and every year. My high school career was eventful and very interesting; from freshman year to senior year it was just one thing after another. Freshman year, I was 14 coming into a new school, and  Senior year I am 18 and leaving this school. Many people that have come in and out of this school have left an impact over the last 4 years on me in some way or form. Coming from a new school back in 5th grade I was afraid of not fitting in and being an outcast. But over the course of 7 years the class I am with has been the most open and family-like class I have ever been in. They make you feel welcomed and a part of the class instead of an outcast.

Academically I have learned many things over the years, from Algebra Concepts to Quantitative Literacy, English 1 to English 4, Biology 1 to Biology 3; academically I have learned a lot that is useful for the future, for my career and everyday life. I have been lucky enough to finish my certificate in welding and be able to graduate college when I graduate high school. For welding the classes I have taken at the high school have helped me be more prepared for the math up ahead of me. 

Emotionally I have grown better for myself, better for the others around me. I have learned how to open up and that people truly care about what happens, even outside of school even if you don’t  talk outside of school. The friendly and family environment around here is just amazing. I could not ask for a better school and personnel to be around in the past 4 years.  Ms. Waldrop, Mr. Smith, Mr. Will, Mrs. Hyde, Mrs. Cutright, Mrs. Inboden –all the teachers have been unimaginably helpful and impactful during my last 4 years.

Socially I have become more open, more willing to do different things and be outside my comfort zone, working with the class and having different classes with the other grades. I have definitely grown and improved socially in life, becoming more involved and interested in things. I didn’t talk to anyone outside our class until junior year, when I finally opened up a lot after covid and the school at home. I also stood up for myself more, growing to love and care for myself better than I had and could. I have made my life better and I couldn’t do it without the environment I’ve been around the past 4 years or the people I’ve been around. I thank each and every one of you for all you have done in our high school careers. You have left a bigger impact on some more than others but this time in our lives we will never forget any of this. In the end they always say “High School Never Ends!”