Teacher appreciation week May 2nd-7th

Evan Robert Easton, Contributor

THE PIONEER TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. “A Survivor Themed Festival awaits!”

Our teachers do so much for us students, more than we could ever know. They also do so much for our community and each other. So I think it’s time we returned the favor. That is why the district has hosted a Survivor themed appreciation week for them.

Teacher Events this week have included:

May 2nd: Power Smoothie- Enjoy a free smoothie from Sammy’s Smoothie Bar, in Robinson. –Presented by the Palestine Board of Education

May 3rd: Redemption Island Breakfast: Fresh fruit and donuts this morning, a hardy reward for this eventful year. –Presented by the PGS and PHS Sunshine Committees

May 4th- Pioneer Summer Survival Kit- Essentials for surviving the exposure to the sun and beaches. Enjoy! –Presented by the PGS PTO and PHS PIG

May 5th: Snack Attack Bar: A true educator understands the snack attack that comes from a rushed day… just like on a survivor island. –Presented by the PGS PTO, PHS PIG, PGS and PHS Sunshine Committees

May 6th: Season Finale Pizza Party: No million dollar advertisement but it has all the fixings none-the-less. –Presented by the  Outer West Market and the First Presbyterian Church

And last but not least all week there has been a hidden Immunity Idol each morning. One was hidden in each building, and the individuals in each building that found the idol were entered into a raffle to win a smokeless fire pit.  The winner was Mrs. Rosemary Parsons, from right here at PHS!