What I’ve learned in high school

Kieran Jenkins, Contributor

What I’ve learned in high school is that friends are important, but so is getting the job done.

I’ve also learned how to cook, write articles and a lot more things in school.

I learned who to trust with some of my secrets because most people just wanna get near someone to spread rumors.

I learned that you should not really care about what other people think about you because their opinion on you shouldn’t affect how you see yourself.

I’ve also learned that most people will hide how they emotionally see themselves and that you shouldn’t pick on them because you can never know how they truly see everything.

 I also learned that some people need emotional help.  Getting help is the best thing you can do; it can help you feel relief and feel mentally okay.

I also learned that stepping outside of your comfort zone is better than anything. You will find new sides of yourself you never knew you had. For example, I never saw myself as someone who talks to people I don’t know, but now I find myself greeting strangers I don’t even know.

 I’ve learned that making friends with the younger classes is also fun because of the different gaps in everything.

I’ve learned that you shouldn’t try to get your way because that’s not how life works. You will not always get what you want in life, and you should work with what you have until you can prove that you are responsible. 

What I also learned in high school is that the teachers will help you with what you need. If you don’t understand anything, they can and will help you with what you can’t get a grasp on like math or even preparing for college.