My High School Experience

Shyan Dunlap, Author

After four long years it’s finally time to graduate. I have definitely learned a lot and changed as a person. When going into high school everyone always told me that your friends when you go into high school won’t be your friends when you leave high school. No one has ever told me anything more true.

My freshman year I made friends with mostly juniors and seniors, all of whom either graduated or moved away. I still keep in touch with Zehn and Kaleb on occasion. My sophomore year I met Parker, but everything was cut short. My junior year I worked full time at McDonald’s and became really close with my coworkers and my friends from Vincennes. This year I have kept close contact with my Vincennes people and pretty much only talk to Steph and Justice at school.

During my high school career I have witnessed so many changes in the school as well. My sophomore year we saw the school get temporarily shut down due to covid and there was a whole entire learning curve to find my way through. My senior year, however, the school changed a lot. Mr. Will became the principal, Mr. Oochs came and went, the main hall got a paint job, and many more things.

Actual learning was to me not the main focus of high school at all. It’s why I’m here but not what I am here for. I learned that algebra is not my thing but geometry almost comes naturally. I learned absolutely nothing about chemistry besides salt makes pretty fire. I learned that “Into The Wild” is probably my least favorite book in history.

I learned that life is freaking hard. Yesterday Mrs. Hyde gave us a letter that we wrote to ourselves our freshman year and I realized that though so much has changed, my goals haven’t. My freshman year I was dead set on going to Nebraska University in Lincoln to become a RN. Now I’m going to go to Vincennes University, still to become an RN. Another of my goals was to crochet a blanket, a weird goal for a high school kid but I accomplished that goal. I was wanting to get a job, and currently I have been employed at McDonald’s for two years and I am a shift manager. Some things stayed the same but some changed.