What Have I Learned Throughout High School?

Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

There are a few things I have learned in high school, and one of them is time management. I’ve learned many things, and one of them managing my time plays a big roll in how well I do in school. It helps with tests for sure. If you take the time to study for every test and quiz, you will usually do very well. I always have to study 20 to 30 minutes before a test, and I have started passing a majority of them since I started doing it. Time management for homework is also important especially if you work. I usually make time in other classes, such as resource, to take time to get my homework done. This honestly helps a lot, and so far I haven’t had to take a single assignment home since I started working. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes I do procrastinate on days I don’t have work, but when I take it home I always get my homework done. Time management is key to high school because you will still be doing it when you graduate, and when you are working.

The second thing I have learned is that your mental health is more important than school. If I didn’t put my mental health first I would have dropped out my freshman year. I really didn’t care about school when my mental health was bad, and it really didn’t help me academically. My freshman year was almost a total failure. I barely passed two classes with a D-. But, then COVID-19 hit, I was saved from my failures of my freshman year. In my sophomore year I kind of got my act together by staying on honor roll, but I constantly failed tests. My grades ended up being affected because I didn’t study for tests. But, this year, my junior year, I got my act together. I have been on high honors since first quarter. It’s the middle of fourth quarter now. Second quarter I kind of had a slip up, but I fixed it and excelled even more. Third quarter I made high honors, and this started my route to success. Fourth quarter of junior year is the best I have ever done in my entire academic career, and I’m so proud of myself for continuing to keep up my grades. I finally realized what I’m capable of, and I’m so glad I’ve finally accomplished what I’ve wanted so far. Just one more year of greatness to come, then off to college.

Mrs. Hyde says, ” Michlynn has made an amazing turn around, she’s gone from failing freshman English to being one of my best students.”