What I’ve learned in High School


Evan Robert Easton, Contributor

Man, four years in the blink of an eye. Seniors don’t lie when they say, “This will be the fastest four years of your life.” I heard it all the time from Kyle, my older brother who graduated as I became a freshman, but I came into freshman year doubting them and thinking this is going to be even slower than junior high. Boy, was I wrong. I’ve made many friends and memories in my short time here. I’ll miss it for sure, but we all have to move on.

I’ve learned so much over my last four years here at Palestine High school. From book smarts to social smarts, I’ve grown and changed a lot. I remember refusing to do power points or anything that required me to talk in front of my class because I was too scared to do it.  But now I’m able to sit and speak in front of the WHOLE high school, like last Thursday for the Seniors’ Signing Day. I was definitely still nervous, don’t get me wrong, but high school has help me overcome that fear. Especially Mrs. Hyde’s Speech class.  I also came into high school with almost no understanding of algebra or any advanced math, but my freshman year it all just clicked thanks to Mr. Will’s Algebra I Concepts class. And who can forget Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, from Mr. Smiths Biology classes. With so many great teachers and students, learning was easy and fun.

I’ve made so many memories here in Palestine, and I will remember them for a long time. Standing on the desks for homecoming week pictures with Mr. Smith, amazing trashketball games with Mr. Will. Every competitive Jag-Day week. Going to homecoming and prom with my amazing girlfriend. This school has helped me feel more socially confident. I feel comfortable having conversations with anyone, all thanks to this school and community.

With all I’ve learned and how much I’ve changed, I feel much more confident about graduating and starting my life. This school and community is the best place ever. I have to thank all my teachers for giving me the best education possible, and my fellow students for helping me along the way. Thank you Palestine High School– it was fun and I will miss this place.

P.S. ANY STUDENT WHO READS THIS: Every teacher here is unbelievably kind. I assure you they are here for you; not a lot of teachers are like that nowadays, so respect them and they will respect you.