Lady Tigers Go Against Chrisman Cardinals


Stephanie Rudd

On Wednesday night, at 4:30, the Lady Tigers went up against the Chrisman Cardinals. This was a non-conference game at home with a score of 26 to 0! The Lady Tigers ended up blasting the Cardinals out of the water all throughout the 5 innings they played. In the first inning, the Lady Tigers started out strong with a 10 run lead on the Cardinals with them getting zero in the first. Things were looking good for the Lady Tigers but they know they can’t let up on their game yet! In the second inning, the Lady Tigers got 4 more runs in and the cardinals got 0 once again. Things were not looking too good for the Cardinals at this time, with the Tigers being in a 14 run lead. In the 3rd inning, this is where the Tigers got hot! Running up another 12 runs to add onto the 14 they had. The Cardinals once again stuck out with luck today and got 0 more runs in. In the 4th and 5th inning, there was no runs in for either team, but with the Tigers having a 26 run lead on the Cardinals.  The Cardinals were not able to catch a break, striking out for the final inning with 0 runs in the final. The Lady Tigers blew the Cardinals out of the water with this one! The Lady Tigers Play at Hustonville against Dugger at 4:30 pm on 4/29! Good luck Lady Tigers!