Baseball Meet-and-Greet

Kieran Jenkins, Contributor

 The baseball meet-and-greet happened yesterday with three t-ball teams, a rookie team, and minor and major teams. The coaches and players got together to clean up the baseball field and got the concession stands cleaned. They also met up with their coaches and players to get their game schedules, but it was mostly a social event.   

This year’s coaches consist of these wonderful people Wade Fuller, Kristen Walker and Niki Staley, Kaycee Washburn and Cody York, Brandon Sisil, and Dallas Daughtery.

There was also an inventory of baseball supplies. They are really prepared for an awesome summer season. I cannot wait to see all their games go down. I hope they get the practices they need and build bonds along the way of their games.

I asked Kaycee Washburn how excited she is to coach this year, and she said, “It is so good to see how many children have signed up. We had a great turnout for the event, and I’m ready to get practices and games going!”