OPH Baseball vs. Lawrenceville


Gavin Postlewaite

On Wednesday night, the OPH baseball team played Lawrenceville. The game was played at Hutsonville and it started at 4:30. Jake Smothers was on first base. Grant Kidwell played second. Hayden Johnson was pitching. John Littlejohn started at third, then went to left field. He was also thrown out of the game around the 4th inning. Gary Higginbotham was a D.H. Brayden Thompson is the catcher. Left field was started by Tucker Pruitt. Right field was played by Aydin Musgrave. Rider Lawhorn was in center field.

Our defense was on the field to start the game, they scored a few runs on us. We didn’t score our two runs until the middle of the game, when Rider Lawhorn hit a ball up the first base line to hit in two runs. Freshman, Bently Cook, came in and relieved Hayden at pitching. Ryan Shultz, for Lawrenceville, then hit a homerun off OPH’s backup pitcher. Bently really didn’t do too bad in his first game pitching for varsity. The OPH batting just wasn’t on fire enough to win the game, the final score being 6-11.