Are the seniors getting out too early?


Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

I think that the seniors are getting out just a little bit to early. They should’ve at least waited until after prom. I think that you should have to be in school to go to prom, and I expect the same for us seniors next year. I think they  should let every class every year after that out early, but not before prom. I think it’s more convenient to still be in school for prom for a couple reasons. I think that only high school students should be able to go, and if you graduate then you’re not considered a student anymore. Of course I think they should still go to prom, but we should be let out after prom next year and the following years.

Honestly, I think that it should stop after this year because we wouldn’t technically be students anymore. Therefore, they should only be able to go if they are invited by another student. I know some people may disagree, but that is my opinion on the seniors getting out before prom.