Why Do Students Let themselves Be Exploited By Their Employers?


Destinee Mahlmeister, Contributor

Many students of Palestine High School have jobs or are going to have jobs.  Those jobs may have employers who may try to exploit those students.

Many employers try to exploit high-school students because those students haven’t been burned out yet by other jobs.

Many students don’t do anything to stop their bosses from doing this and they don’t even think of quitting. Most students worry that if they quit, then that will reflect badly on them in the future, and that is why most don’t even think about quitting.

Many jobs also have the worst people working there and they talk back to everybody.  Most of the time, it’s their managers or people who have been there for quite a while.

In my opinion, we can stop overworking students if we talk to them.  If they don’t listen to us, just quit and there will always be more opportunities for us.

In conclusion, we as students need to stand up for ourselves and not let them exploit.  I know how it feels because I was one of those students.