OPH Baseball vs. Red Hill


Gavin Postlewaite

On Tuesday, the OPH baseball team played Red Hill. The game was played at Oblong, and there was nice weather other than the wind. Jake Smothers was on first base. Grant Kidwell played second. Hayden Johnson was at short-stop. John Littlejohn was playing 3rd. Gary Higginbotham was pitching. Brayden Thompson is the catcher. Left field was played by Tucker Pruitt. Right field was played by Aydin Musgrave, and to round the team out, pure athlete, Rider Lawhorn, was in center field.

OPH started out pretty strong, the bats were hitting good. Defense was pretty solid too. There were a couple fielding errors that could be improved upon, but it was still good. Gary’s pitching was the star of the night, having about 5 strikeouts. Rider also had a sliding catch in center field in the 6th inning. The final score was an OPH victory, 5-1. Senior player, Rider Lawhorn, said, “The season has been going very well for the first time all three schools have played together. I’ve had a lot of fun playing and hopefully I can continue playing somewhere else.”