Stephanie Rudd: Senior Spotlight


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Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

Stephanie’s favorite hobbies are art and basketball. She’s has been in art and basketball for all four years of high school. Speaking of basketball, she played basketball and softball throughout high school.

Her favorite memories of high school are meeting all the students, and she also liked playing musical chairs with Mr. Smith and Gavin. Stephanie’s favorite class this year is journalism, and her favorite classes throughout all of her years of high school were Mr. Smith’s Biology class and Mr. Will’s Math class.

Her plans after high school are to attend OCC and get her associates degree in welding, and then she wants to go north near Chicago.

She’ll miss the people and the atmosphere the most. She says it’s like one big family. Stephanie’s least favorite and worst memory of high school was when Covid started, because no one knew what was going to happen. It affected everyone negatively too.

Stephanie is is drama club, and she has really enjoyed this past year. If she could do high school again, she would be more involved in school activities, and she would’ve made better decisions.

Her advice for underclassmen is take part in everything you want to do, try it, and if you don’t like it then try something else until you find what you like. She says you might regret it years down the line if you don’t do what you want to.

Stephanie learned from high school was that what people say is true, time really flies by, and four years really goes by fast. She encourages everyone to finish high school. She says there is no point in dropping out after going three of the four years. She will be really upset if she hears of anyone dropping out at all.

She enjoyed her high school experience. She says the class of 2022 is the best to be around because, they also have your back. What she will miss the most about high school is the family that been created over the years, and even before high school. Most of the class has been together since Pre-K, and when she moved here she felt welcomed by everyone.