Burger King Reviews

Shyan Dunlap, Contributor

If you have ever worked fast food, you know that there is a learning process. You have to learn how to use the equipment and what toppings go on what sandwiches. I know this from working at McDonald’s, but the people in Vincennes are not very understanding of an entire staff learning how things work. The Burger King in Vincennes is getting a lot of hate from what I’ve been seeing and hearing.

The drive thru wait time is averaging about 45 minutes which for some food is worth it, but for fast food, you don’t want to be in that drive thru longer than 5 minutes. If you do stay and wait the 45 minutes to get your food you definitely want the food to be right, but sadly that is another thing that Burger King is struggling with.

Some anonymous reviews are:

“I went the other day. My burger was burnt, and the chicken fries were cold. I also waited 30 mins in the drive thru.”

“Our order was wrong as well and cold. So sad food was so bad won’t go back they was here once and closed no I know why”

“They failed here before for a reason.”

“I went there too the other day. I was the second person behind another car waiting to order. Waited in the entire line for over 30 minutes… Not burnt but not even completely cooked and gooey. (I got breakfast) I won’t go back either. I want what I’m paying for as well”

There are, however, a lot of people defending Burger King and explaining that these wait times are expected when a restaurant just opens up. Some people will always be Karens, though.