Burger King

Shyan Dunlap, Contributor

A short half hour drive from our beloved little town, there are endless dinner possibilities. In Vincennes there are many fast food options and on Monday, one more opened up. Burger King opened up on 6th street where the old Zip n’ Sip used to be. Believe it or not, another fast food restaurant is causing some controversy.

My friend Raymond is super happy and excited about having more options. My coworker says, “We have had a Burger King once in this town and it closed; they are wasting their time opening another one up”

Vincennes is growing fast lately. Culver’s and Texas Roadhouse are both fairly new to the town and Burger King is just another addition.

Burger King is most famously known for its Whopper and chicken fries. However, for the most part, I hear a lot about their breakfast menu, specifically the hash browns being amazing. They also sell a few different kinds of flavors of milkshakes.

Before the one in Vincennes opened up the nearest Burger Kings were in Terre Haute and Olney.