Touch the truck

Kieran Jenkins, Contributor

Touch the Truck happened on Thursday April 28 the time started from 5 and ended from 7. There was arts and crafts along with the book fair and the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine but they were not alone because a lot of farms thought yesterday and today that it was going to rain.

The trucks that were there were fire trucks, big tow trucks and a school bus along with a police cars.

The cooking classes helped Ms. Inboden fix the foods such as 128 brownies and 106 chocolate chip cookies  and almost 250 hot dogs and 30 pounds of corn sauce that everyone had enjoyed but it was a good turn out that there were a lot of people that came out.

Inside the book fair and the arts and crafts for the little kids took place but it seemed like everyone had a good time.

There were no problems that had taken place at the touch the truck. I’m glad that nothing bad happened.

The following is a direct quote from Ms. Sisil “The Touch a Truck event that the Title Team hosted this evening was a HIT!  EVERYTHING WAS SO COOL TO LOOK AT!  From miniature size to life size and MONSTER size, this event was a hit!  Kudos to our team that put the event together: Mrs. Jana Bayne, Mrs. Marcy Adams, Mrs. Holly Inboden, Mrs. Sierra Redman, and Miss Nicole Veach.  I want to also personally thank all of the staff who volunteered to help run the various stations!  You are SO appreciated.  This is a display of true teamwork for the betterment of the students and our district. You make both myself and our board of education so proud with your #teampalestine spirit!”