Is Micro Chipping Animals Ethical?


Tyler Dennison, Contributor

Microchips are tiny transporters that can be implanted in your pet’s skin by a variety of vets and animal shelters. They are about the same size as a single grain of rice and can be used as a backup for pet identification. Some animal shelters plant them in all of the pets they hold, but the big question is, is it ethical?

The pet owners’ general concern is whether it will hurt their animal or not, but it is a painless process that includes injecting the chip in between their shoulder blades. No anesthetic is required, so your pet won’t feel anything plus, it only takes a few seconds.

Another question people ask is, “Can I use it to track my pet’s location?” The answer is no, you cannot track your pet’s location. The chip device is used as an identification source, so if scanned by your local vet, it will determine the true owner of the animal.

Personally, I see no real use for the product because if your dog is found straying, who is to say that person is going to know if they have a chip, let alone take it to a vet to get it scanned?